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Thanatographies vol. II

From Tony's Scrapbook by Tony Wons, 1941-1942 edition.

The holidays can be especially difficult and bittersweet after a loss. It's too easy to be reminded of who you are not with this time of the year. Especially if you shared a holiday tradition or ritual with them.Here are some lovely ideas on creating new traditions after a loss from "What's Your Grief". (Thanks to Cindy Crane for sharing this link!)

Less seasonal, but always pertinent death-related links:

Are you afraid of death? The Death Anxiety Questionnaire. What is Cryonics? — Science born out of death-phobia and grief.

Murray Ballard, Operating room, Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona. 2006. via Wired

More images here: The Prospect of Immortality – Inside Cryonics. Murray Ballard's photo book is coming out in March of 2016,

Cryonic Society at Phoenix, Arizona, January 31, 1967 Universal Newsreel

A treasure trove of "Stuff you Should Know" podcast episodes about death,

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