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  et us admit this: death is devastating. And sooner or later we will all come face to face with the loss of dear loved one. 
Or be faced with the prospect of our own death. 
The choice is ours to accept this inevitability and educate ourselves in preparation. This is a small sampling of the resources available to us on grief, green burials, diy funerals and preparing

for one's own death. 

Green Burials

A primer on green burials and other eco-friendly options. 

INELDA is a non-profit organization tha seeks to reestablish the role of guide in the dying process by promoting the use of end-of-life doulas and training them to serve in the spirit of the elder. Further, INELDA works to help terminal patients, their families, and society recover the sacred nature of dying by reintroducing ritual in a personalized way.

Modern Loss is a place to share the unspeakably taboo, unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death. Beginners welcome.

The Order of the Good Death is a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.  It was founded in January 2011 by Caitlin Doughty, a mortician and writer in Los Angeles, CA.

Emotionally Intelligent Grief Support. 
Resources, exercises and thoughts about grief and mourning, devoid of the usual clichés.

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This excellent PBS documentary explores the growing home funeral movement by following several families in their most intimate moments as they reclaim the end of life, forgoing a typical mortuary funeral to care for their loved ones at home.

Let's talk about death! A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support group or counselling session.

Death Salon encourages conversations on mortality and mourning and their resonating effects on our culture and history through public events and happenings. 

The greatest human freedom is to live, and die, according to one's own desires and beliefs. From advance directives to physician-assisted dying, death with dignity is a movement to provide options for the dying to control their own end-of-life care. 

This aptly named website helps you plan for both life and death with tips and advice on making a living will, organizing your financial and identity details, figuring out insurance and funeral options and more. 

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