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Thanatography Thursday Memorial: Harriet Zimmerman (1820-1895)

Through the years I have collected a number of calling cards or cartes de visite of people I wish I could have known. Their likenesses always spurred a certain sense of nostalgia, they seemed so relatable yet always out of reach. And forgotten- the images that were once part of a family's treasures were now amongst a pile of the images of many other strangers atop an antique store.

They say that we die two deaths. The first death is that of our physical body, the second death happens when the last person that carries our memory dies.

Through this new weekly feature I want to give the long dead a second life, brief as it may. So without further ado, let us remember:

Harriet Zimmerman

of Shamokin, PA Died on August 29th, 1894

portrait, obituary

I found the portrait of Mrs. Zimmerman in a local flea market and was delighted to see her name inscripted on the back. Through a quick search on I found her wedding anouncement and obituary.

From The Daily News, Mount Carmel, PA. Thu, August 1894.


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