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thanatography, mourning art

No one can deny the inevitability of death. Yet, the taboos, fear and silence that surround it do not match its inherent role in our lives. Accepting the process of death and learning how to approach it, discuss it, and befriend it can be a strategy for a better life.


There is no one way to deal with death when it comes knocking, whether it is your loved one's door or your own. Throughout history, artists of all persuasions have tried to explain it, tame it and exorcise their grief. 

This website aims to showcase the work of established and emerging visual artists dealing with Death, through features, reviews, and interviews. Each artist is contacted individually and asked for their participation in the project and interviewed if willing about their work process, and how it relates to their experience with death grief and loss.

Submissions by artists or suggestions for artist features are welcome.
Please send your tips (include artists' link or contact info) and submissions

(include portfolio link, image(s) of relevant work(s) and a few words about it) to, or use the contact form.


This project is a labour of love by artist Evi Numen, who survived death and loss thanks to visual art. Evi Numen is an artist, researcher, curator and death doula based in Dublin, Ireland.

Thanatography supports and is inspired by the efforts of The Order of the Good Death, the Death Cafe, and other endeavours that promote an open and honest conversation about death and grief. 





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