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David Bowie | Ziggy Stardust

Noor Wobbes, 2016

Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm


Noor Wobbes is a 20 year-old artist from the Netherlands.

Idid not really grow up with his music, but I always found David Bowie very interesting. He was different from other people. He made us think about things like sexuality and gender. He always searched for new identities, new music, new art. He tried to be different. That is something I can relate to. Not to that extreme, but I always try to be original in my own way.

When I heard his exhibition, "David Bowie Is", came near my hometown, I knew I wanted to go. It's an interesting way to discover more about him, better than with google and youtube. I booked tickets with the thought I was going to see movies, videos, music sheets, and images of a living legend.

One day later he passed away...

I saw the exhibition and it was a wonderful two-hour journey through his life with the help of his costumes, pictures, music and videos. It showed the many talents and faces of this man.

I wanted to paint David Bowie, but also David Jones. It's hard to find the single David Bowie/Jones picture that everyone recognizes for inspiration because everyone has their own favorite Bowie look, phase, or character.

I chose a very natural and peacefull David, but I wanted to add something interesting to make it more of a one of a kind painting. That's why I chose to paint the outlines of Ziggy. Ziggy is a figure that almost everyone knows, even the younger generations.  

I made this painting during my internship at an artist's studio. It was my last project before going back to school again. It made me realize how amazing it is to paint such inspiring human beings. And since David Bowie has so many beautiful faces, this one surely won't be my last. I hope he will continue inspiring people like he did when he was still alive. 

                                 — Noor Wobbes

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